config: show configurationΒΆ

Show (pathched) flake8 application configuration after parsing and processing all options from cli and all configuration sources.

  • Use --plugins-only flag to show only the app.options.config namespace.

  • Use -vvv (vanilla flake8 verbose flag three times) to increase verbosity and show intermediate merges in the logger.

  • Use --output-file (vanilla flake8 config) to send logs and results to the specified file.

  • Use --flake8-logs to include vanilla flake8 logs while logging.

$ flakeheaven config --plugins-only

{'pycodestyle': ['+*'], 'pyflakes': ['+*'], 'flake8-commas': ['+*'], 'flake8-quotes': ['+*'], 'pylint': ['+F*', '+E*', '-E0611', '-E1101', '-E0401', '-E1102', '-E1123']}