baseline: integrate into a huge project

Baseline allows you to remember the current project state and then show only new errors, ignoring old ones.

First of all, let’s create baseline.

flakeheaven baseline > baseline.txt

Then specify path to the baseline file:

baseline = "baseline.txt"

Now, flakeheaven lint command will ignore all your current errors. It will report only about new errors, all errors in a new code, or if old line of code was modified.

Running flakeheaven against diff

Flake8 has --diff option to run checks only against specified diff. FlakeHeaven also supports it but additionally allows you to mix it with explicitly specified paths. For example:

git diff | flakeheaven lint --diff my_project/

Example of running flake8-annotations on GitLab CI only against changed code in my_project/:

  image: "python:3.7-buster"
  stage: test
        - "my_project/**/*.py"
    - pip install flakeheaven flake8-annotations
    - git diff $CI_MERGE_REQUEST_TARGET_BRANCH_SHA | flakeheaven lint --diff my_project/

This option also can be mixed with baseline.